About AK Adventures

Man in hiking gear holding camera and wearing a baseball capOur primary focus is to provide our clients with a very special opportunity to journey to remote wilderness areas in Alaska. Where they will observe, learn about, walk among and photograph the majestic brown (grizzly) bears of Katmai National Park and the Alaska Peninsula. Our goal is to create a desire in our clients, an appreciation for the great bears and the need to preserve and protect them and the wilderness they live in.

There is an educational emphasis for our clients to learn about brown bears, the ecology and natural history of the area. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides are key to the experience of not only getting you properly positioned for excellent viewing and photography, but to explain bear behavior and biology. Popular misconceptions about bears will be dispelled, replaced by facts. You will learn how to live in and travel safely through “bear country”, something which only comes with education and experience.

The owner of AK Adventures, Dave Bachrach started AK Adventures with help from Chris and Ken Day the owner’s of Emerald Air Service as his mentors. He has successfully guided hundreds of trips and spent thousands of hours with bears of Katmai. Recently, Chris and Ken have now retired from bear viewing. We wish them good luck, but we’ll miss seeing them in Katmai.

Man pointing camera at something out of frame while wearing hiking gear.Believing that education leads to respect, Dave works with legislators, government agencies and non-profit organizations to help educate, protect and sustain bear habitat and healthy bear populations in Alaska. He has been involved in brown bear conservation issues for over 20 years and is a member of the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA), an organization whose goal is promote the conservation and restoration of the world’s bears through science-based research, management and education.

Our ethics for “Watchable Wildlife”; we approach, observe and photograph all wildlife in such a manner that our presence does not disturb them or change their behavior. We only offer our guide services for wildlife viewing and photography. Our style of travel and camping maintains a low impact on the natural environment. The land use is sustainable over time without significantly altering the resource or negatively affecting the experience.